Baton 3 1200 Lumens Rechargeable EDC Torch

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Tiny & Powerful: As the same compact body as the S1R Baton,53g 2-half inches finger-size with 1,200-lumen output and 166-meter beam distance.Five brightness levels, rare mini edc with strobe function

✦ Dual-direction Pocket Clip: Can be attached to belts, pockets, and backpacks for easy carrying, or attached to the hat brim as a headlamp

✦ Flat Magnetic Tail Cap: Can steadily stand on or be attached to iron objects.Available in three colors, made of aluminum-based metal material, non-slip but not clunky, comfortable hand feel

✦ Better Grip: As the same as the S1R Baton II, but with a new anti-slip body texture for a more refined look and enhanced grip.With IPX8 waterproof, pressure resistance and other safety performance, it can also be used in the event of a disaster