Olight Arkfeld Special Version EDC Torchs with Green Laser

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✦ Dual Light Source EDC Flashlight: White light in 5 brightness levels with a max output of 1,000 lumens, and the output of green beam is ≤0.39mW, Class 1. The lights memory function enables you to save your favorite mode so it's always ready!

✦ Flat & Ultra-thin Body: A unique flat shape makes it extremely comfortable to hold in your hand or carry in a pocket, Eternal 3 (Cu) weight 199g, Winter 3 (Ti) weight 120g, Spring 3 (Ti) weight 120g.

✦ Your Needs Are Met: Use the white LED light for any low light needs such as the outdoors or emergency needs. The green beam is perfect for presentations or on-duty use, and loved by pets!

✦ Pocket Clip & Magnetic Attachment: The clip clamps tightly onto your shirt or pockets for easy carrying. It also features a magnetic end, allowing you to simply attach it to a nearby metal surface for hands-free light.

✦ Easy to Carry: The Pocket clip plus magnetic end is comfortable to carry in your pocket, and allows you to take it anywhere.