Olight Arkfeld UV 1000 Lumens with Dual Light Source EDC-White Light & UV Light

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✦ UV Light: 365nm wavelength and 580mW UV light helps to detect pet urine stains on carpets that are invisible to the naked eye  and is perfect for hotel cleanliness checking.

✦ Multi-level Brightness Options Plus Memory Function: 5 brightness levels with a max output of 1,000 lumens; the memory  function enables you to select the mode you need with one single click.

✦ Two-way Pocket Clip Plus Magnetic Tail: Clamp tightly onto your caps, shirts, pockets, or simply magnetize it to an iron surface!  Mount it and use it how you need it!

✦ Anti-slip Grip & Lanyard Hole: Easy to grip body and a new lanyard hole design to ensure a better user experience.

✦ Flat and Ultra-thin body: A unique flat shape makes it easy to carry in your pocket, it is even thinner than Arkfeld!