Olight Open Glow Max.120 Lumens Rechargeable EDC Penlight with Green Laser

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✦ Convenient Charging Base: The Open Glow comes with a newly designed charging base that is both fashionable and convenient, making it  easy to keep the penlight charged and ready for use. 

✦ 4-in-1 Design: It features a pen, pen clip LED light, pen tip light, and green pointer beam at the tail, providing multiple functions in one device.  

✦ Upgraded Switch: the white light switch is moved to the tail, separated from the laser switch, making the operation more concise; L-shaped push rod pen stopper, taking into account the switch, combined into one, more comfortable to operate.

✦ Slim Body Proportion: Comfortable and stylish grip, making it easier to use for extended periods. 

✦ Lockout Mode: Increased lockout function, carry more safely, prevent accidental touch and cause the light to be on for a long time.