Olight Otacle EDC Utility Knife Series

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Otacle P1

✦ 11-in-1 EDC Multifunctional Tool: Equipped with needle-nose pliers, pliers, wire stripper, pocket knife, scissors, can opener, bottle opener, slotted screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, pin for retrieving Sim Card, and hanging ring.

✦ Excellent Materials: The main body of the pliers is made of 30Cr13 stainless steel with high strength and excellent corrosion resistance to ensure long-lasting use. The handle is composed of 5052-T6 aluminum alloy.

Otacle C1

✦ Durable Material: Made of 420J2 stainless steel with a matte black titanium plated surface to ensure long-lasting use.

✦ 11-in-1 EDC Multifunctional Card Tool: Equipped with a bottle opener, pry bar, nail driver, 5 sizes of hexagonal wrenches, 2 sizes of spoke wrenches, scale, protractor, slotted screwdriver, phillips screwdriver for glasses, and hook knife.

✦ Works As A Wallet: With two rubber rings, it can also be used as a wallet to store credit cards and hold banknotes.

✦ Every Day Carry: The mini card contains most of the tools you could need in daily life. Doing a quick repair, installing something new, or taking part in home and outdoor activities, this multi-functional tool card will help you tackle any task.


✦ 5-in-1 Tool: Serve as a bottle opener, mini pry bar, slotted screwdriver, and 6.35 mm hex wrench.

✦ Stylish Design: Exquisitely designed in a cool lion shape with a nice textured G10 scale, making it stand out from others.

✦ Compact & Safe: Measuring 3.38 x 1.29 in and weighing in at only 1.93 oz. Spring-loaded side button designed to help protect your safety.

Otacle Pro Ti

✦ Premium Materials: The main body (without clips, blades, or screws) is made of TC4 titanium alloy, making it lightweight and corrosion-resistant and ready for a long-time use.

✦ Tool-Free Blades: Patented replacement blade structure provides a better user experience, allowing blade replacement without removing screws.

✦ Push-type Safety Lock: The blade can be completely locked using a button switch when closing the blades, making carrying and storage easier and more secure.

✦ Wider Compatibility: Compatible with a 0.6mm thickness standard knife blade without a hole. Great for warehouse, garage, factory, or just doing some DIY work at home.

Otacle J1M

✦ Premium Materials: The main body of TC4 titanium alloy is sandblasted after CNC carving.

✦ 5-in-1 Tool: Serve as a bottle opener, slotted screwdriver, hexagonal wrench, rope hole, protractor, spoke wrench.