PL-3R Valkyrie Rechargeable Rail Mounted Light

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 Rechargeable with Upgraded Performance: With a max output of 1,500 lumens, the PL-3R features two high modes (1,500lm / 1,000lm) and a low mode(300lm) to meet different application scenarios.

 Dual Mode Setting Switch: Choose between High 1 (1,500lm) and High 2 (1,000lm) brightness levels. Customize your preferred lighting level by reprogramming the high mode.

 More Compatible: Included GL and PIC rail adapters for increased compatibility. The charging port is also compatible with an optional magnetic remote pressure switch (sRPL-7) for your larger builds.

 Improved Adaptability & Security: The sliding key-block offers a better fit, and the new setscrew provides the most secure hold possible.